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Whiteheads and Our Nose

Whiteheads can be formed wherever we have pores in our body. Thus, all these areas are susceptible to this skin problem. However, many people experience these appearing on the pores they have on their noses. Namely, these appear from time to time, but never stop reappearing. Therefore, something needs to be done in order for the whiteheads on one's nose to be prevented and the skin on this area to be clean so that the clogged pores can breathe. Apart from being negative aesthetically, whiteheads on a person's nose can become infected and cause additional pain and discomfort. For all these reasons, and plenty more to be mentioned, you need to know how to get rid of whiteheads on your nose. Read the lines below for a detailed explanation.

Reasons behind Whiteheads on Nose

Since these appear on a person's nose, and other body parts, mostly during puberty, hormonal imbalances are one of the main causes. That being said, women may suffer from whiteheads on their nose before and during their menstrual periods too. All in all, whenever people experience abrupt changes and imbalances in their hormone levels, this is usually expressed through this tiny clogs in their nose pores as well. Additionally, inadequate or poor nutrition may lead to this problem, especially when you eat too much fatty and sugary food while neglecting your fruit and vegetable intake.

How to Have Whiteheads on Nose Removed

A clean nose will be a nose the least prone to whiteheads and pore problems. Thus, the first thing you need to do is to clean the area at least three times a week, using mild cleansers and scrubbers to remove dead layers of skin which might clog the pores too. Once your skin is clean, apply a skin toner in order to close the pores. Alternatively, you might rub ice cubes wrapped in a cloth on your face to achieve the same effect.

Additionally, creams and other skin products which have hydroxyl fruit acids are excellent for keeping the pores clean, so have them in mind. Always use gentle methods and never try to squeeze out the whiteheads since this may lead to aninfection.

Next, detoxify your skin by drinking a lot of natural fresh fruit juices or rubbing lemon onto your nose. Finally, you are best off with using oil-free moisturizers. Moreover, you can create your own peels by leaving almonds in water during the night, grinding them and, after adding a tablespoon of honey to the mixture, massage it on the nose for about 5 minutes. The effect will be more than satisfying.

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