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Oily skin is an annoying problem for those who have it. Some of the reasons for oily skin are genetic factors, person’s lifestyle, hormonal disbalance during teenage years and menopause. There are other factors too, such as contraceptive pills, creams we use for skin or eating habits. All these reasons are contributing skin problems, but unfortunately, we don’t know exactly how to explain this phenomenon.

For our skin oil we have to thank to a gland that secretes sebum in order to lubricate our skin and hair. Usually skin on our nose and around it is more oiled. It is because of the large pores on our nose. If your skin is extremely oily, that means that these glands are very active. In that case, you can fight against it only by removing extra oil from your skin. Having oily skin is not that bad when you see what the advantages of it are. Positive in having oily skin is that you will get wrinkles much later than those with dry skin, and also age spots will appear later.

As we get older sebaceous glands are secreting less sebum. But until that happens, the oil could choke the pores and cause other skin problems such as blackheads and inflammation of the skin. That is why we should treat oily skin and avoid this kind of problems.One of the ways to treat this oily skin problem is a good diet. It doesn’t mean that you should starve yourself, it only means that you have to eat healthy food and you have to eat regularly. The main vitamin that helps your skin to look healthy is vitamin B especially B2. Taking this vitamin will prevent your skin to be oily. You should also avoid eating fat, oil and sugar. If you follow this diet, not only that your skin will look better, but it will also benefit your general health. There are some supplements, which can be used in addition to your diet. You can use multivitamin depending on your age and sex, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, Primrose oil or flaxseed oil. It is also important to drink a lot of water. Water is good because it expels poisons from the organism and it supplies your skin with moist. You should also avoid stress or use medications to decrease stress and do some exercises for relaxation.
The cosmetic care of oily skin is also important. Use some mild cleansers for skin to keep it clean and wash it with antibacterial soap. When you wash your skin, the water should be lukewarm. It is good to wash your face two to three times per day, but don’t wash it very often. Mud mask can be helpful if applied once in seven days. Be careful with saunas, especially if you have acnes, because high humidity can make things worse.

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