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There are many speculations and assumptions about acne since this skin disorder is so common that almost everyone develops it at some point in life. Therefore, all the people who have acne usually have their own opinion why acne occurs, and it is for that reason that we have many myths about this skin disorder.

It is not true that acne occurs in teenagers only, since acne may appear at any age. Acne tends to appear whenever there is hormonal imbalance in the body, and since the first hormonal imbalance happens with puberty acne, is usually associated with teenage years. Furthermore, many associate the outbreak of acne with the consummation of chocolate, but the truth is that the oily skin is responsible for that and not chocolate. The oily skin, hormonal imbalance, and low levels of iron in the blood are the main culprits for the emerging of pimples. The women may notice that acne is quite common when menstruation is approaching.

Treating acne

Treating acne is a time-consuming process and a very tedious one, since there are several methods that can be employed. The thing is that everyone should find the method which best suits them and which proves to be the most effective.

Drinking plenty of water and cleansing the face are very important if we want to cure acne or prevent their outbreak. If we do not properly cleanse the oily skin, the pores may get blocked, which contributes to the overgrowth of acne bacteria and to the development of acne. The sharing of towels with the other people is not recommended if one have acne. There are various medicated creams, but the fact is that natural remedies are very helpful if we want to prevent the next outbreak of acne.

Furthermore, every person should know what type of skin he/she has so that he/she can use the face products which best suit them. It is recommended to cleanse the face with apple cider vinegar since it has the same pH as the human skin. The consummation of fresh fruits, particularly citrus and watery fruits, is highly advisable when having acne. Moreover, the quality of the skin can be achieved with consummation of omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.

Acne can be treated naturally with tea tree oil, which can be easily found in various stores. Tea tree oil is considered to be an antiseptic, which effectively destroys the bacteria that cause inflammation of the region around the acne.

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