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Percentage of children diseases seems to be at steady rise today. It seems that never more children were suffering from various disorders like cancer, obesity, diabetes, or Autism Spectrum. That is way is it is so important for us to pay special attention to their diet. Importance of children’s diet is known only recently in the western world. There are now numerous studies of that topic and we learn more each day.

However, in today’s world of overworked parents or single mothers, it is getting even harder to make the time necessary to prepare healthy meal for our children, and that is why many parents use frozen prepackaged food. Problem is that this type of food is full of emulators and other chemicals and it can literary poison us eventually.

You must make time to prepare meals from the beginning and with fresh ingredients. One of the suggestions is that you try to prepare several meals at once, and if something is left over, you may freeze it. Also problem is that many people are unaware oh how much sugar or other unhealthy ingredients are in the food they buy. This is because when you look at the ingredients list, you may find that word sugar is masked under many synonyms and different names.

If you are not a professional chemist or nutritionist, you can not win that fight, and sigar is in almost everything that is been processed. Situation is equally bad with artificial sweeteners that can be found in so called diet food. They are unhealthy for your child as well, and you should try to find all those information about artificial sweeteners on the internet. Excess amount of sugar make s your children’s immune system weak and open to viral and bacterial infections.

Because our health is getting worse by each new generation, there are no quick solutions or fixes. You should instead try to make one step at a time, in order to provide your children with healthy diet.

Factors of obesity and poor health in children

There are several factors that you must pay attention to. Some of them are;

• Children spent too much time on their cell phones, TV and computers• Children are not eating balanced and healthy diet• Much of the food they consume are full of chemicals and preprocessed• Children, as a result of TV or PS, not spend enough time outside playing• The tend to eat unhealthy snack and junk food, etc.

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