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In cases that you want to detox your body to improve your health, we will provide you with the some ideas for snacks. Depending of kind of detox and your metabolism, you will need or not a snack between meals. In any case, best thing to consume between meals in cases of detox is herbal detox tea and pure water.

Feeling of hunger between meals may indicate mild form of dehydration, and sometimes a glass of water should do the trick, but if not, here are some ideas for cleansing snacks that you can use.


There is no less complicated snack that unsweetened applesauce.

Almond butter and sprouted toast

Another great, healthy and simple combination for your snack. You can add tamari roasted almonds if you like them.

Soaked almonds

Try to soak raw almonds in water for overnight (8-10 hours), and then drain it and eat it. This is the healthiest ways of preparing and eating almonds, because soaking them activate their enzymes, and increase their ability to help and alkalize your body.

Fresh vegetable healthy snack ideas

Almost any snack with fresh vegetable in it is nutritious and healthy one. Fresh vegetables are high in nutritions and water and low in calories, which makes them perfect detox snacks, and you can combine them endlessly. Best way is to use them as they are, with just a little sea salt and some low fat dip. Vegetables like celery, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, avocados or bell peppers are only some of the vegetables that you can use.

Fresh fruit healthy snack ideas

Almost any of fresh fruits like melons, pineapple, apples, pears, berries, bananas, oranges, apricots or mangos may be used in preparation oh healthy snack. What makes a fresh fruits a perfect snack is that they are very rich in anti oxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutritions. All those ingredients in fresh fruits will give your body an unbelievable boost of energy.

With sweet fruits you should be moderate, especially if you suffer from one of the sugar related illnesses, like sugar addiction or Candidiasis. You can also try dried fruits, which are not as healthy as fresh ones, but nutritious as well. Dried fruit is more convenient to carry and also there is no need for preparation.

Other healthy snacks ideas

Some of other ideas for healthy snacks may be homemade energy bars, homemade franola bars, Lara bars, rice cake, dulse chips, rice crackers, etc.

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