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Sometimes parents of small children have a tendency to make their kids overeat, as they are never quite sure if their babies are sufficiently fed because they are not able to properly communicate their needs and wishes.

This kind of concern is completely reasonable because toddlers are always so busy playing and exploring the world around them to actually stop and feel the hunger.

They get easily distracted during meal time and are likely to lose their interest in remaining in one place very quickly, therefore not taking in as much food as they should. That’s why is useful to have snacks to offer to toddlers. Snacks are lighter than real meals and will not overstuff them if their stomachs are, indeed, full. And it is equally as important that those snacks are healthy and nutritious and help the kids develop and grow properly.

What kind of snacks should be given to toddlers?

Obviously, the most important thing to bear in mind when choosing appropriate snacks for toddlers is that they should be enriched with important nutritious elements such as fiber, vitamins, proteins and minerals. For this to be the case their snacks should be as natural as possible and any kinds of processed foods which contain artificial sugar and flavors should be avoided.

The possible snacks could be fresh fruits, cheese, cereals that are low in calories and fat and whole-grain crackers and muffins. Needless to say that all these should be cut into really small pieces, so that the small kids are able to eat them. Also, the amount of these foods included into one snack should not be exaggerated just because they are healthy.

There is no need to overfeed the kids allowing for the possibility that they will overeat in the years to come just because of the uncertainty if they are well-fed or not. With three proper meals and a couple of daily snacks, there is absolutely no way that they will be left hungry, therefore, there is no need for more than moderate portions when it comes to those snacks.

When should the child be given the snacks?

The best thing to do is plan out the toddlers’ meals so that they are served around the same time each day. Besides, the three mandatory meals, about two or three snacks should be included into the daily food routine.

Finally, even though juices are rich in vitamins and very healthy, it’s good to remember not to let the toddler exaggerate with drinking them, because drinking too much juice can lead to problems such as diarrhea.

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