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Creating a strong body, a body able to withstand many physical obstacles, is not easy and no matter what people say, there is no workout type that is great for all. We are all different and therefore, exercise we use should be different. Of course, some basic rules should be followed, but, other than that, we are free to explore the wonderful world of exercising on our own.

Gym or home

There is always a question whether it is better to exercise at home or in a gym. Home is much more comfortable, but gym offers some practical things, like workout stations, which are usually too big for fitting those some place in a house or apartment. On the other hand, home workout requires much less time wasted for going to and back from a gym. But the good thing about the gym is that there are people with similar minds and desires and with more experience, which is a great thing.

Whatever is chosen, a lot of effort is needed to exercise properly and effectively. Only after a while, increasing weight is needed. When the body starts feeling comfortable with the weight used, adding more is needed for continuing with muscle development. The harder the exercise, the higher the gain in strength and muscle mass. Even though bodybuilding presents one of the most popular methods for exercising and gaining muscle mass, there are other routines that are very effective and can be used instead of standard weight lifting.


Kettlebell workout routines are very interesting because the only thing that needs to be used is kettlebell. Because of its ball shape, it might seem a bit illogical to use it for some serious exercising, but it is even used in military training of the US marines. Kettlebell workout routines are based on performing a kettlebell swing. To perform this swing, kettlebell is positioned between the legs and the body is in a squat position. Swinging the kettlebell, it is raised to a chest level. The entire strength needed for this exercise comes from the hip area, while hands are there only to hold the bell.

If this routine or any other is chosen, it is important to know that for not letting all that hard exercise go to waste, a proper diet has to be included; the diet that is healthy and without any strict rules. The only two rules that should be applied are not exaggerating with food and eliminating junk food from meals.

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