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Stretching as a Normal, Everyday Action

We have all heard how stretching is the important for our everyday well-being. This set of physical actionsprepares us for some, more advanced exercises. Thus, it is a crucialfactor if we want to indulge into any kind of a more demandingphysical activity and make it completely safe for us and our body. Ofall the stretching exercises, dynamic stretching is considered to bethe best. This type involves stretching of our muscles throughmovement and it is a natural process to us, since we do stretchduring our common, daily activities. Namely, even though our muscleshave all gotten used to stretching while we walk, whenever we happento make a step which is longer than our usual ones, or raise our armhigher than normally, we are bound to feel those muscles of oursstretching. All these actions, when movement stimulates our musclesto stretch further than what they are used to, is called dynamicstretching.

Positive Sides of Dynamic Stretching

As we have learned, this type ofactivity involves movement and muscle activation. Therefore, peoplewho practice dynamic stretching before performing some otherexercises, do not need to warm up. Rather, dynamic stretchingprovides this activity as well, mainly due to its dynamiccharacteristics. All in all, apart from stretching your muscles, youwill speed up your heart rate and blood circulation, getting into anexcellent shape for working out.

Dynamic stretches can be a workout ontheir own, if you intensify them a bit. Nevertheless, if you are tofully stretch your muscles, you should combine this method with somestatic or ballistic stretching exercises as well.

How To Do It?

Performing hindu push ups is a verygood exercise of this type and is thus recommended to be the part ofyour regular dynamic stretching. Another thing you can do are sumosquats. Stand in a sumo wrestler manner, with your legs bent in theknee and wider than your shoulders, your feet pointing sideways.Then, raise one of your legs and move it closer to the other, only toreturn it to the initial position, making semi-circular movements tothe outer side. Repeat the same with the other leg and experiencegood stretching in the groin area as well as in the leg muscles.

Another good stretching exercise is to,while standing straight, kick the air in front of you, keeping yourlegs straight too, and your toes pointed. Perform 10 kicks with eachleg. Alternatively, you can grab a pole, move one of your legs backsightly and perform side swings with the other, stretching it to themaximum.

Additionally, you might consider havinga good stretch by, while standing with your legs at your shoulderwidth and holding your hands on your hips, rotating your torso in aclockwise circular manner. Repeat this 10 times.

Also, while doing regular squats,straighten one of your legs sideways, while keeping the other bent.Then, transfer your weight onto this, stretched leg. Invert theposition afterwards.

Finally, while making a cross sign withyour arms raised on the sides, relax them and, by moving your waistto the left and right, make them swing around your body, bending atthe elbows.

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