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Elegant, long, toned legs are a dream of many. Not just of women - many guys would also rather have toned, slightly muscular legs than those wobbly things that look like oversize salami. Well, for those of us who had not received Mother Nature's gift of slender and muscular legs that remain such no matter how much we abuse them, exercise is the way. Most typical things that get in the way of ideal legs are hips and thigh region, so prone to accumulating fat. Well, most 'experts' will advise to exercise your legs to make the fat go away from there. Wrong. Exercise surely helps, but not for that, and not like this. Here is why.Pinpoint fat strike: bad fiction

Most people believe that fat gets molten in the area where you concentrate your exercises. Well, point is that it is not possible to melt fat just form the problematic area. It does not work that way. Fat reserves are global. There are areas that are more prone to depositing fat, but once you call on the reserves, fat reserves from the entire body contribute to this on a pretty even level. So, fat burning is overall. In order to loose fat from your hips or thighs, you must loose fat in general. This means that you are heading towards a diet. Remember that diet is a lifestyle, a long term practice, a habit. Those "deadline diets" that last only as long as you reach your target weight have a short lasting effect.

As for region specific exercises, these are good for another reason - they give you muscle tone, muscle mass and muscle shape, and with the right amount of exercise, you will end up with toned, and firm legs and that little extra fat could blend in just perfectly.

Exercise: cardio and strength training

We have two goals when we exercise: to burn fat and to gain some muscle. Cardio exercises are ultimate fat burners. Best ways to go cardio are running, biking and kick boxing. Running tones body in general and can shed 600 calories in an hour. All you need is a pair of good running shoes. Cycling is easier than running, less stressful for the knees, and spends slightly less calories than running. Kick boxing is a good way to tone both legs and abs. Muscle gain is obtained through strength training. Excellent area-specific exercises for toning of lower body region and legs are squats, lunges and hip abduction.

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