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Exercising presents one of two methods for dealing with extra weight. The other is diet, but it is not recommendable for those who tend to increase muscle mass in specific body areas. Recommended meals for those who exercise should include a lot of proteins and they should be as healthy as possible. While exercising, body is under the physical exertion, and that requires all the major nutrients for replenishing the lost energy.

Types of workout

There are two major types of workout; one is recreational, with couple of training sessions in a week that might last from 20 minutes up to one hour, while another type tends to be more professional, with at least 4 or 5 times of practicing per week and sessions that do not last less than an hour, or even an hour and a half. There are workouts that are exerting the entire body and exercises that are specific for certain muscle groups. We should also include cardio exercises, something like running, walking, etc.

Abdominal area

Bulking up abdominal area might be one of the toughest missions for all workout practitioners, not because of gaining the muscle mass in that area, but because of the fact that men tend to get extra weight easily in that part. As for women, there might be difficulties, especially, if they were pregnant and delivered a baby. On the other hand, constant and persistent workout will build abdominal muscles that are divided in two basic groups, lower and upper abs.

For those who need exercises for lower ab workout at home, they should know that it is always better to start exercising with lower abs. This is due to the fact that, while performing lower ab exercises, upper abs are also involved to a certain point, while when upper abs are used, lower abs are almost not used at all. The best lower ab workout for home or any other place is leg raises. Simple and effective, all you need is little space for you to lie down and start working out. Also, there are many variations of this exercise. Bicycle exercise includes performing leg motions similar to those when riding bicycle, legs could be straight or bent in knees, exercises could be done slowly or quickly, with keeping the legs in the air for a certain period, etc.

Effective lower ab workout for home should begin with 15 to 30 leg raises, with at least 2 sets and about 10 to 20 seconds of pause between the sets. This is just for the beginners, but later on, the number of repetition and number of sets are increased.

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