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Jogging is an activity which is very good for body, but also for mind and spirit. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to lose weight, and the good side of it is that it can be performed any time and almost anywhere.

The benefits of jogging

A person who regularly practices jogging, loses many more calories than when performing any other cardiovascular exercises. Jogging has many advantages and one of them is related to the strengthening of the heart, and thus reducing the risk of heart attack and other heart disease. Furthermore, the high blood pressure is reduced while jogging. Except for the positive impact on the heart, jogging increases general strength of the body by increasing the muscle tone. Moreover, this physical activity prevents loss of muscle mass and osteoporosis.

It is very important to have adequate running shoes that strengthen the joints properly, because in this way, mobility and flexibility of joints are increased, which suits best for those who suffer from arthritis. The joint problems that can be aggravated by running usually scare the people and prevent them from jogging, but the advantages of jogging outnumber the disadvantages.

Jogging improves the general health of the whole organism, but it can also reduce certain psychological problems, such as anxiety and nervousness. The more somebody performs this activity, the healthier he is and more active, too. Jogging is also very effective on digestive system, because it may speed it up. Furthermore, respiratory system may also be improved by frequent jogging.

The proper diet for jogging

In most cases, stress may influence people who subsequently eat plenty of unhealthy food to eat even more of it. For the running, the energy is needed, so therefore, the healthy food in larger amounts than it is normal is necessary, because the energy enters the body through food. Even, those who are jogging in order to lose weight must take in 2000 cal a day.

Carbohydrates are providing the energy that the body needs and it is recommended not to eat large meals during a day, but it is better to eat frequently small ones instead. It is advisable that carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables should make up half the daily intake. Furthermore, proteins are those that have the role in building muscles and tissues, but they also help in regulating and stabilizing the hormone imbalance and they make the recovery of muscle injury faster. For a jogger, eating of lean meat, soy, lean dairy products and certain amount of good fats is necessary in order to get enough energy which is necessary for jogging. Hence, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats must be included in the diet of a jogger.

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