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Coffee, Good or Bad?

It seems that, from the very momentcoffee was first drunk, there has been the question of its benefit,hanging in the air above those who enjoy it. Many people who cannotwake up without it nowadays are constantly tormented by coffee haterswho claim that this beverage can only harm one. Nevertheless, eventhough coffee has its flaws, there are plenty of virtues one may relyupon to every time he or she takes a cup of this wonderfully smellingliquid.

The Benefits of Coffee

First of all, those suffering fromdiabetes need to know that coffee enhances a person's insulinreaction, therefore acting as a good regulator of this disease.Additionally, those who claim coffee is bad for the teeth shouldthink twice, taking into consideration the fact that coffee protectsone's teeth by removing any bacteria from our mouth.

The list, however, does not stop here.Researches have shown that, besides being good for our skin,protecting it, coffee is also excellent for our liver protecting bothof these organs from cancer. Also, coffee may be able to reduce yourchance of developing cancer by even 50%, some claim. Related to this,researches also show that coffee is one of the richest beverages,when it comes to antioxidants. Therefore, all those who wish toprotect their organisms from cancer, should do it with coffee,enjoying the process greatly.

Finally, coffee has been found to beexcellent for preventing stroke and other heart conditions due tocaffeic and chlorogenic acids it consists of. Besides, these twoenable one to be free of gallstones as well.

Additionally, believe it or not, coffeecontains numerous minerals such as sodium, magnesium, phosphorus andmany others, as well as vitamins like vitamin B and parts of vitaminE, all very important for our health and well-being. Some claim thatcoffee is even beneficial to those suffering from asthma, able toreduce attacks caused by this condition.

Moreover, researches have shown thatcoffee drinking reduces one's chances of developing Parkinson's aswell as Alzheimer's disease since it revives brain parts andstimulates brain functions greatly.

Finally, all the possible flaws ofcoffee stem from excessive intake of it. Too much of anything is nota good thing. Therefore, drink not more than 3 cups a day, and youwill never experience sleep depravity, dehydration, and anxiety connected with coffee. All that you will experience, are all thebenefits mentioned above, and plenty more. So, sip your cup of healthand enjoy.

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