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Many people cannot wake up and get out of bed without a cup of coffee as if it is their source of daily energy. A cup of coffee early in the morning, a cup of coffee while reading the newspapers, a cup of coffee in the cafe while chatting with the friends and on millions other occasions, as well as things which many cannot do without a cup of coffee. Does the similar thing happen to you as well? And not to mention that caffeine can be also found in some other products, even in the chocolate. But, is so much caffeine healthy for your body?

Does caffeine affect your body?

Caffeine has a great impact on our mental and physical state. It has the properties to arouse the central nervous system causing the mind alertness. It may bring positive thoughts about ourselves as well as the people and things that surround us. Furthermore, it increases the metabolic rate as well as the heart rate. It is a mild diuretic and the person consuming it frequently urinates. But it is observed that it causes addiction after a time of consuming it.

The moderate consummation of caffeine is not harmful for most consumers, but the people who drink more than two cups of coffee a day may experience some harmful effects of caffeine. The possible adverse effects of too much of caffeine are nervousness, bad temper and restlessness, as well as wakefulness, headaches and anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, the people addicted to caffeine may also experience nausea, irregular heart beats and muscle tremors. In people who are smokers, drug users and alcoholics, the side effects of caffeine may even be more severe and may appear after the first cup of coffee.

Why is caffeine bad for you?

The health of the body depends on seven to eight hours of good sleep every night and it is not possible for the heavy caffeine drinkers since caffeine tends to disturb the sleep causing sleep deprivation. Therefore, it is advisable not to consume caffeine at least eight hours before going to bed in order to allow the body to remove it from the organism.

Furthermore, it should be avoided to drink the coffee with meals since the caffeine has the properties that prevent the good absorption of iron and calcium, which are necessary for the healthy body. Furthermore, it may also cause excessive fluid loss since it forces the person consuming it to frequently urinate.

Some studies have shown that the people consuming more than two cups of coffee a day are at high risk to develop rheumatoid arthritis.

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