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Waking up early, feeling tiredand exhausted or perhaps staying up most of the night cramming for the examtomorrow morning all have one helping hand in common. You have guessed it, itis coffee. Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant which increases our heart rateand our adrenaline production, causing us to feel more alive and concentratedwhen tired or not in the mood. Many people drink coffee just for the aroma andthe flavor, enjoying every last sip of it, relaxing along the way.

For those who do not likecaffeine and its effect but still hold coffee close to their hearts, there is atype of coffee made from beans that had previously been to many water basedsolutions which extracted this element from them. This kind of coffee is calleda “decaf”.

Besides being the first aid whenit comes to waking up and staying up, coffee, when drunk moderately, canactually be quite beneficial to our health and strengthen our immunity towardsmany diseases.

Most of the illnesses coffee isknown to suppress are those concerning our brain, intelligence andconcentration. Researches have shown that those who drink coffee regularly, inmoderate proportions – 3 cups daily, that is, are less likely to ever sufferfrom Alzheimer's disease. They are also known to be prone to having higher IQlevels and have excellent results in many cognitive and intelligence measuringtests. Coffee drinkers are less prone to develop Parkinson's disease also.Coffee can also act as a good pain killer and stress reliever, mainly becauseof the caffeine inside of the beans. It also reduces danger from stomachcancer, diabetes, digestive, and heart and liver failures. Believe it or not,it is even good for your teeth as its elements are known to kill many teethattacking organisms.

Nevertheless, as much as ithelps, coffee can be quite malevolent as well.

It is known to create sleepingdisorders, because gastritis and event provoke ulcers. As good for our teeth asit can be, coffee still leaves stain marks on them, similar to those tobaccodoes. Adding to the list of illnesses it can because we may also mention coffeeas a potential cause of high cholesterol, possible high blood pressure, irondeficiency, negative effects on pregnancy as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Some claim it to be healthy andgood, others to be a toxic illness itself, coffee still is a part of everydaylife for most people since most people drink it because they like it, notbecause of what it can or cannot do.

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