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Hookah, or as some people might call it narghile, is a long smoking pipe whose tube contains water so that the effect of the smoke would be more mild and cool once it reaches the lungs. Hookah originates from India and it is a part of the Eastern culture. However, nowadays the West has embraced it just the same. The majority of young people have either tried it or heard of it. Unlike cigarettes or weed, no one takes hookah quite seriously or thinks of it as a cause of damage. That’s why it’s important to clarify just how unhealthy hookah really is.

How damaging are the effects of hookah?

While no one dares to claim that hookah is completely devoid of unhealthy components, the supporters of this habit always argue that hookah is actually a much healthier alternative to cigarettes. But this is basically just propagand a, as there is no scientific research that can support this claim. On the other hand, there are researches that have actually come to a completely opposite conclusion. And, it’s not just that hookah is not a healthier alternative to cigarettes, but some researches argue that smoking it is actually more damaging than smoking cigarettes. The reason for this is that tobacco is specially prepared and while it is true that the effect is milder once it goes through water, the water does nothing to get rid of the toxins that tobacco contains. Therefore, the tobacco from hookah is just as damaging as the tobacco from a cigarette. Also, when smoking hookah, a person takes much more tobacco into the lungs than when smoking cigarettes, plus, the experience lasts much longer.

What are the consequences of smoking hookah?

Theconsequences of smoking hookah aren’t really that different from the consequences of cigarettes. In any case, the nicotine is present and one can just as easily become dependent on the substance.

Also, the risk of lung cancer and heart diseases increases significantly. These are the most serious conditions that can develop from consuming hookah on a regular basis and not to mention a number of less serious issues that one is likely to experience after a while. A chronic dry cough is one of them, as well as the obstructions to breathing and a chronic respiratory disease that decreases lung functions called emphysema. Finally, it’s important to emphasize that pregnant women should under no circumstances smoke hookah as they can provoke many complications to their unborn child.

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