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Is weed bad for you

Is It Good Just Because It Makes You Feel Good?

Numerous people have tried marijuana at some point of their lives. Many have made this type of consumption a frequent habit. Namely, marijuana, weed or pot, as it is called as well, is a plant which, upon being smoked or eaten causes intoxication with the possibility of mood changes and hallucinations. Therefore, even though many claim that there is no harm in this action, many claim the opposite. In fact, there are many drawbacks marijuana consumption brings about one's health and overall well-being. Thus, everyone should take the following facts into serious consideration before claiming this plant to be harmless for a person's consumption.

Negative Aspects of Marijuana Consumption

First and foremost, being intoxicated by something, making your senses fail, and your bodily coordination improper, certainly does not make it healthy. Thus, all the temporary effects of marijuana consumption serve against it. Additionally, smoking marijuana interferes with your memory and concentration, decreasing them significantly.

Secondly, chemicals present in marijuana trigger special receptors in one's brain affecting both the aspects of your consciousness mentioned above, as well as your perception of time and orientation.

As far as your heart and cardiovascular system are concerned, marijuana smoking influences these as well. Namely, it decreases one's blood pressure while, at the same time, increasing the pulse. This may easily lead to numerous heart problems including cardiac arrest, since the chances of heart failure are multiplied by four while under the influence of cannabis. Moreover, this is triggered after the first several minutes of abuse of this psychoactive substance.

Although there are cases of eating brownies or cakes baked with marijuana inside, the main misuse of this plant involves smoking it in a form of paper wrapped joint. Therefore, it is not strange that it influences a person's lungs negatively. In fact, marijuana smoke increases a person's chances of developing lung cancer. Shockingly, this increase goes up to 70%. Not even tobacco smoke is able to pose such a threat. Therefore, respiratory problems, lung diseases, cough, and many other symptoms of this type are likely to trouble those who enjoy marijuana smoking often.

Finally, there are many other health issues related to the abuse of this drug, some more serious than the others. Therefore, even though you think it is good for you because it relaxes you and makes you happy, think again. Marijuana smoking is very dangerous on the long run, potentially causing development of life-threatening conditions.

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