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The Effects of Coffee

Most of us have heard countless storiesabout different characteristics of coffee. While, some claim it isvery bad for us, others say it has plenty of benefits. We are toldthat it can raise our level of concentration and awareness ingeneral. However, at the same time we read and hear that this is nottrue. Moreover, some people claim that drinking coffee increasesone's blood pressure. Naturally, others say that this is simply nottrue. Therefore, one is lost within this sea of contradictory facts,unable to perceive what is right and what is wrong. For the reasonsmentioned above, this article will try to get into the theory of therelationship between coffee and high blood pressure, seeking if thereis any evidence of truth behind it.

Coffee and Our Blood Pressure

First of all, the element in questionis caffeine. Without it, coffee would have little effect on us.Caffeine, being a stimulant, is able to trigger anxiousness andnervousness as well as to increase one's blood pressure. Therefore,there have been cases of high blood pressure due to coffeeconsumption. Nevertheless, there have been cases of no change in aperson before and after drinking coffee. Thus, there is more to itthan a simple “cause and effect” relationship. Numerous differentfactors like age, history of coffee drinking, an ongoing state ofhypertension and many others influence the overall effect coffee willhave on one's organism. Additionally, sex and medical history of thefamily all act as additional things to be taken into consideration.

Proven Results

Numerous researches and tests haveproven that coffee and other drinks containing caffeine may causeblood pressure to escalate if person is not used to coffeedrinking. However, if you are an experienced coffee drinker with ahistory of indulgence in this beverage, it will most likely leaveyour blood pressure intact. Namely, this is due to caffeine's powerto trigger adrenaline production in our organism as well as itscapability of narrowing our blood vessels. In time, people get immuneto this effect and therefore unaffected by this aspect of coffee.

Nevertheless, coffee drinking is notrecommended for those about to indulge into physical activity. Also,drinking this beverage more than three times a daily may cause yourbody to be under constant state of anxiety and stress throughout theday, even influencing your sleep negatively. On the long run,excessive coffee consumption may damage blood vessels andcause heart problems.

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