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If the claims made bythe Nurse’s Health Study are to be taken seriously, then we should be on thelookout for dairy products. Namely, it is believed that dairy products assuch bear in them perilous potential in the sense that they potentially increasethe risk of fractures by staggering 50%. Having vitamins in mind, vitamin D hasshown greater potential than, for example, the all time bone favorite calcium,when it comes to protecting one from THE fractures. But in contrast to theprevailing belief, milk as such actually does not diminish the risk of comingdown with fractures.

One fact thatcorroborates the above mentioned claim is that, for example, countries such asAfrica and Asia, both of which are renowned for their low rate dairy andcalcium intake, also have the lowest rate when it comes to numerous bonerelated illnesses.

Research revelations

What research studieshave discovered is that the abundant consumption of calcium and dairyproducts has the potential to increase the risk of developing prostate cancerin men by concerning 30-50%. Even bigger consumption of dairy products is knownto enhance the insulin growth factor, which is known to promote development of cancer. In addition,due to the lactose intolerance issue, as much as 75% of the world population issuffering from improper digestion of milk and various other products from thedairy family. Furthermore, since they represent rich sources of saturated fats, dairy products can be directly related to heart disease.

A word of wisdom

What has the greatestmajority of scientists agreed upon is that, when it comes to health, it is muchmore desirable and beneficial if people obtained their calcium, proteins, potassiumand fats from other varieties of food such as, for example, plant originatingfood varieties, vegetables, beans, whole grains, fruits, seeds, seaweed, nutsand alike. Additionally, what has scientific research revealed is that humanbodies were not predetermined to process milk on a regular basis. Therefore, it is alsoadvisable to try and keep away as much as possible from other food varietiesfrom this family (like cheese, yogurt, ice cream) for a limited period of time(e.g. one or two weeks), just to see if you are feeling any better than youusually do. Some of the most evident benefits of this include astonishing improvementwhen it comes to headaches and sinuses, overall weight and energy, as well asirritable bowel syndrome.

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