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Tanning Beds, Yes or No?

Tanning beds have established themselves as one of the basic items in all beauty parlors. Therefore, it is not a secret that many people use them on a regular basis in order to provide themselves with beautiful tan as if they had spent hours sunbathing. However, with tanning beds comes controversy. Since their first use, many people have been skeptical about the health benefits tanning beds may have. On the contrary, most people suggested that this artificial sunbathing can only lead to illnesses and endanger one's health. So, basically, people remain divided into those who claim tanning beds are completely safe and more than useful and those who think nothing but the grimmest thoughts regarding these devices along with the people using them.

Positive Sides of Tanning Beds

Companies producing these devices, as well as beauty parlors providing people with them, all have only positive things to say about tanning beds. Firstly, they provide beauty in the shortest timespan possible. Namely, people are able to tan in the period of 15 minutes, regardless of the weather outside or the time of the day or night. All you need to do is lay down in the machine and experience the wonderful metamorphosis, boosting your confidence along with your tan. People choose this method o tanning before getting exposed to the natural thing since, they would be embarrassed and ashamed of showing their pale bodies on the beach. It is also claimed that tanning beds trigger the production of both vitamin D and melanin in our skin, protecting us from the harmful, ultraviolet sun rays. Finally, some people even claim that tanning beds increase their self confidence and their feeling of joy in general.

Negative Sides of Tanning Beds

Those who doubted these machines cherished and glorified by many, conducted researches and came to terrifying conclusions. First and foremost, tanning beds are claimed to damage one's eyes significantly. Even though beauty parlors suggest wearing sunglasses while using tanning beds, experts doubt that is enough since the artificial sun rays in these machines are up to 100 times stronger than regular ones. Additionally, tanning beds emit the same ultraviolet rays as sun does, but only more, increasing one's chance of developing skin or other type of cancer. Also, these machines are claimed to increase the aging process, due to the same reasons as those mentioned above.

Finally, tanning beds continue to be widely used, while, at the same time, a large amount of people try to explain the danger of such actions. All in all, regardless of the flaws and the virtues, the battle still continues. We can only hope that nothing terrible happens in order to prove either of the sides right.

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