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Every female at least once in her lifetime experienced the problem of the irregular menstruation. That is the common problem, especially in the cases of the young women, who are in the period of the life when the secretion of the hormones hasn’t been yet balanced. The normal period of time between two periods is from 23 to 35 days, and if the menstruation starts before those 23 days, there is a reason to suspect that something’s going on in the reproductive system.

In addition, this problem is usually accompanied by some other tightly associated disruptions, such as the problem of the not fully developed egg (which, therefore, couldn’t be discharged by the ovaries), and the other problems, such as the late period with the lowered amount of the bleeding, the too frequent period and the total absence of the period.

Provokers and treatment

In the most of the cases, the premature menstruation is the consequence and indicator of some underlying condition, or it can be simply provoked by the period of menopause, due to the disrupted balance of the hormonal secretion, similarly as in the case of the puberty. Also, this problem could as well be provoked by the increased emotional pressure and tension, which could be as well the cause of the generally irregular periods and the similar problems. Additionally, the disruption of the cycle is also usually triggered by the overall exhaustion of the organism.

Having in mind that this problem is almost always the result of the disrupted balance in the secretion of the hormones, the conventional and the most effective treatment is based on simply the intake of the necessary hormones as the substitution for the existing ones. Nevertheless, the negative accompanying effects of this therapy can be very troublesome, such are the cases of sickness, the psychological problems resembling the PMS, the increased chances of getting the malignant tumor in the reproductive system and the increased possibility of suffering from infarct, for example.

Therefore, it is recommendable to at least try the natural treatment based on the beneficial homemade and folk remedies. Concerning this matter, the most beneficial are the herbal remedies, in the supplementary form, such as Black Cohosh (rich in estrogen) and Macafem (directly encourages the functions of the pituitary glands).

As far as the additional helpful activities are concerned, many women reported that yoga and meditation, combined with the mild but regular workouts, are the most beneficial. Of course, the eating regime is to be enriched with more fresh fruits and the enough of soy and rice.

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