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Women with regular periods can calculate about the time of the month when they are expecting to have their period. Having regular periods is great benefit for a couple of reasons. First of all, women with regular menstrual cycle know exactly when to expect their next period and they are usually free from stress related to early, late or missed periods. Another great aspect of a regular period is that they indicate the women is ovulating properly and her reproductive system works well.

However, the greatest benefit of regular periods may be the opportunity to plan and delay menstrual cycle. The period may sometimes come on a very special day, or at the time when women is planning a vacation or a sport event. Feeling bloated, wearing tampons or pads and suffering from cramps is sometimes a real spoiler of the event. However, there are some great and natural ways to delay menstrual cycle and enjoy various activities for a little bit longer.

Natural methods to delay menstruation

There are a couple of natural ways to delay menstruation, but the most of them are actually hazardous to health and the delayed menstruation occurs as a result of serious disturbances in natural balance of the body. For example, taking a low calorie diet, and being low on weight, may be the most prominent reason of one’s irregular periods. Diet low in fat may in some cases lead to missing a period for a couple of months.

On the other hand, there are some claims that consuming spice free diet, one forces the period to occur two weeks before the actual date. There is no firm evidence to support these claims.

Extra-vigorous exercise may also affect the way woman’s hormones work, and delay the period. Exercising all the time will certainly delay the period at some point. This is the main reason of irregular periods in many professional athletes.

Being under a lot of stress is another natural way to delay the period. Stress lowers the estrogen levels causing irregularities in menstrual cycle. If a woman stays busy and do not relax at all, she will be stress out and the menstrual cycle will most probably be delayed.

Delaying the period with birth control pills

If a woman takes birth control pills, she may even not need to have a monthly period. A normal packaging of birth control pills contains 28 pills, of which are only 21 active and contain hormones to suppress woman’s fertility. The remaining seven pills are inactive. The bleeding, which looks like menstrual bleeding, takes place during the week woman uses inactive pills. This is not a normal menstruation but rather the body’s response to stopping the use of hormones. Skipping the inactive pills and starting a new pack of active pills right away, will result in a complete lack of bleeding.

Before any attempt to postpone a menstrual cycle, women should consult her gynecologist.

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