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What are the irregular periods?

The phenomenon or the syndromes of the periods which don’t happen at every month period are one of the most common menstrual problems. This is the disorder which is not only accompanied by the abdominal cramps and pain, the pain in the head and nausea, but they are also followed by the severe psychological distress, nervousness, and which is the most prominent, the suspicion that there is something going wrong in the organism.

Unfortunately, it is true that the irregular period could be the indicator of some underlying and more severe health problem, but, in the most of the cases, they are the sign of not yet really balanced hormonal levels, which is the indicator of the puberty and the first few years of having the menstruation, or, to be more exact, of the period of becoming a productive female.The most common provokers

This disorder can be also accompanied either, by the large amount of the discharged blood, or by the bleeding which could be described as rather insufficient. The bleeding between the two periods, the skipped menstruation or the constant one, may occur as well.

As the main underlying cause of the disrupted regularity of the periods is concerned, which is, actually, the disruption in the complex system of the secretion of the mentioned hormones, the most common provoker is the pregnancy, which leads to the complete cessation of the menstruation. Also very common triggers are the emotional pressure and stress, menopause, rather intense stress of the muscles (in the case of the professional athletes), any unhealthy eating regime which is marked by the starving and the depletion of the vital nutrients, and, sometimes even the contraceptive pills are harmful for the menstrual cycle.

Nevertheless, one should be aware of the more severe health problems which are the usual provokers of the disrupted cycle. For example, one of the most common serious causes is the syndrome of having a cyst or cysts in one or in the both ovaries. The cyst disrupts the process of ovulating, and therefore, the process of menstruating, logically. This condition is also followed by the apparition of pimples, dandruff, of more hairs, hypertension, and, in the advanced cases, by the loss of the fertility. Also very frequent cause is the inflammation of the bowel, which is indicated by the bland stool, the urgency for more frequent expelling the faeces, by the tummy ache and the loss of weight.

The treatment

Solving this problem must be based on treating its cause, naturally. But, there are some helpful advices which could be exercised at home and which could help a lot. First of all, the emotional pressure should be lowered, since it directly causes the female hormones to ‘’go wild’’. After that, the greater attention should be paid on the eating habits.

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