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The inflammatory process over the inner membranes of the sinus cavities, or as we medically refer to, sinusitis, is very common response to any infection of these cavities. Also, very common and typical are the indicators of this condition, since they happen consequently. Therefore, for example, the swelling of the inner mucous lining and the accumulation of the mucus which hardens lead to the congestion of the air passages, and thus, the specific pain which could be described as the increased pressure and the heaviness felt in the whole head. Also, consequently, as the result of the increased secretion of the mucus, the post nasal drip happens. Thus, the mucus from the sinuses gets swallowed, which eventually leads to the feeling of having a sticky lump in the throat and the urge for throwing up logically follows it.The cause of nausea

Nevertheless, the urge for vomiting can as well be induced by the pain in the head itself, since it is constant, dull and intense enough. Such is the case when an individual suffers from migraine. The things about headache which makes us wanting to vomit are the pulsating sensation and the increased pressure induced by vacuum. However, unlike in the case of migraines, the pain in the head from the sinuses doesn’t go away on its own. Nevertheless, it is not easy to determine whether the cause of the pressure and nausea are the sinuses or migraine.

So, the provokers of the infectious process in the sinuses are described above, while on the other hand, migraines could be provoked suddenly, by the intense light, smoking, alcohol, emotional stress and many other reasons. Therefore, while the sinus infection is accompanied by the pain which is specifically located symmetrically between and above the eyebrows and on the cheeks, the pain associated with migraines can be diffused one, or it can appear on several specific locations. The biggest problem is that this pain is accompanied by the troubles with vision, which is unclear in the most of the cases.

In the both cases, the urge for vomiting is the following trouble, but, as far as the other indicators are concerned, migraines are followed usually by the exhaustion, chilling and the decreased need to eat, while the headache from the sinuses comes along with increased temperature of the body, the pain in the throat and the urge for throwing up only in the cases of the post nasal drip. So, having in mind the other symptoms and the location of the pain, it is not hard to determine the condition and decide n the appropriate treatment. And, for the sinuses, prescribed are the medications that kill bacteria, the inhalations and the nose drops and sprays, but migraines are usually treated with the simple painkillers.

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