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A few words about the loss of hairThe hair loss, which is more frequently referred to as baldness or also as alopecia, which is the medical term for this condition, is one of the most common hair and skin problems, especially, considering the male and elderly population. However, the natural process of the regeneration of hair includes the hair loss, and about fifty hairs are expelled from follicles on a daily basis. So, consequently, in the elderly people the process of the growth of hair is decreased and the process of the discharge of the hair remains the same, and that is the simple reason why the hair loss is most prominent problem of the advanced age, and why it becomes the psychological problem in the most of the old people.The triggers

Besides simple being old, there are more known provokers of this condition, and among the most common are the emotional pressure and stress, if the individual underwent the chemotherapy or radiation, the underlying disorder of the thyroid gland or some other underlying skin conditions, the disrupted balance of the hormones, and, the last but not the least important, the genetic predisposition. Fortunately, in the cases of the mentioned provokers, the hair is prone to grow back again after some time, except in the cases of the male alopecia. So, as far as the fact of being more frequent in men is concerned, alopecia is in those cases, the consequence of the higher secretion of the male hormone called Di-hydrotestosterone.

Anyway, at this point, it should be also emphasized that, apart from those provokers, certain cosmetic products have very harmful effect on the strength of the hairs. That is because certain hair care products contain the chemicals which are simply inadequate for some people, or, to be more exact, to the chemical balance of their hair and skin.

Additionally, wearing a pony-tail too much could damage the follicles of hair and make them weaker, as well. That is why there is the whole problem of wearing the afro braids (as the trigger for this condition), called medically the Traction Alopecia. Also, wearing the caps too frequently is not the advisable habit, of course, if someone carries the higher risk of being affected by the permanent loss of hair.

When it comes to the treatment, the only option is the transplantation of hair, which is one very costly surgical intervention. And another, very unpopular option is to wear a wig, which looks rather artificial.

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