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The menstruation cycle is a completely normal thing in the life of the productive female, however, every once in a while there are some problems associated with it. At least once in the lifetime every female has experienced some of these problems that accompany the menstruation and they are so common since they can be the consequence of the emotional stress or the weakened immune system, for example.

So, one of the common accompanying troubles, related to the menstruation, is the apparition of the lumps of the denser blood in the bloody discharge from the vaginal opening. These are, actually the blood clots, and although this may sound terrifying, it is not so serious health problem, but on the contrary, it is the natural consequence of the increased amount of the blood during the menstruation. That is, in that case, the secreted substances that disable the coagulation are not as effective as in the case of the normal amount of the bleeding during the period.

The other reasons for the clots’ creation

Nevertheless, beside this most common reason for the excessive coagulation of the blood, there are some additional underlying problems that can as well provoke this condition. For example, the anatomical problem of simply increased size of the uterus in the case of the females who recently had a baby, causes the bigger lapse of the time between the accumulation of the blood in the uterus and the discharge, which, therefore, leaves enough time for the excessive coagulation. Also, the problem of having the miscarriage creates a lot of the waste material in the uterus and, additionally, the increased possibility of creating the blood clots. Nevertheless, if the female is pregnant and this condition is accompanied with the lumps in the blood while menstruating, the medical care should be provided as soon as possible, since it may be the indicator of the unwanted miscarriage.

Also, if the woman suffers from the disorder called endometriosis, which is characterized by the presence and growth of functioning tissue of the endometrium, pain, the disrupted balance in the secretion of the hormones and infertility; this condition can be followed by the described lumps in the blood while menstruating. That is the case of the growth of the tissue outside the uterus, but, on the other hand, when a fibroid is created on the tissue of the uterus, it may also be the provoker of the abnormal coagulation.

Of course, during the period of the menopause a lot of the problems happen. Such is the case of the blocked opening for the blood and this could be provoked as well by the presence of a polyp.

Anyway, the medications that disable and minimize the process of coagulation and steroids are usually very effective therapy for this problem, whatever is the trigger of it.

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