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A few words about the postponed menstruation

The problem of the irregular menstruation cycle, or as also referred to, the disrupted periods is a very common disorder in the female population, especially considering the females who are still in the first period of becoming the reproductive females, that is, who are still in the period of the puberty. This period is marked by the disrupted balance of the hormonal levels and not yet balanced process of passing the signals of the secretion of the female hormones, between the organs and glands that secrete them. However, this disorder can also affect the women in menopause, in pregnancy, and, unfortunately the ones who suffer from some more severe underlying disease.

Anyway, when we talk about not only about the disrupted menstrual cycles, but precisely about the problem of the postponed menstruation, in the majority of the cases, we actually talk about the possible pregnancy. However, at this point, it is important to realize that the menstruation and ovulation go hand in hand (the ovulating process happens two weeks before the menstruation), that is, this text is about the delayed ovulation, as well as about the case of the delayed menstruation.How to deal with it the natural way?

Nevertheless, the problem is when the pregnancy is not the provoker of the postponed menstruation, and, in those cases, the bigger attention should be paid on the ovaries. So, its functions could be regularized by the intake of vitex, or, if there is the case of the disrupted work of the liver, one should solve this problem by consuming the herbs such as burdock or the root from dandelion, which encourage the detoxification of the liver and the organism.

But, since the hormonal imbalance is the most common case, it could be also very frequently worsened by the emotional stress, the depletion of the basic nutrients and by the physical exhaustion, for example. So, having in mind that this problem of the absence of the normal periodic menstrual flow is very tricky to deal with, the most successful treatment is to normalize the menstruation by the use of the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs.

So, one of the most popular and effective remedies is parsley, since, it is rich in the basic minerals (phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, etc.) and the vitamin C, and the tea made from this herb should be consumed at least three times on a daily basis. And the parsley should be held in the boiled water for a half of an hour to infuse, before drinking it.

Of course, one should be very careful when it comes to these herbs, since the ones with the stronger agents (for forcing the menstrual flow, such as tansy and pennyroyal) can even to cease the pregnancy. Therefore, it is a good advice to choose the ones with somewhat milder effect, such as ginger. The root from ginger should be boiled for one third of an hour and then drunk, but during the first half of a day, since it could interfere with sleeping. Also, the yarrow tea is very beneficial and the cooled tea should be consumed the same way as the parsley tea. The other helpful herbs are rosemary and sage.

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