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We will talk about beneficialinfluence of silence. One very wise man said if the feeling is an attitude ofthe emotions, thinking of the mind, silence must be attitude of the divine. Peace,delight, love, power, infinity, eternity, light and immortality are theproperties of the divine. Since we live in a very modern and busy world,silence is something we do not come in contact with very often. We can havesome fraction of the silence in our homes, but the minute we step out, the vastarray of sounds and noises can be heard. We can hardly find a place to bask inthe silence. Unfortunately, this noise is creating bad influence on us, butthere are some ways in which we can reduce the noise in order to lead a morepeaceful life.


We will give you several tips onhow to reduces the noise and experience the benefits of the silence. Peoplehave a bad habit of constantly giving suggestions. We should focus on ourselvesinstead. Also, if there is no agreement on both sides, what usually follows isan argument. Because of this, try to think before you talk, and see if itnecessary to start a discussion.

Next, we have a tendency to give too muchattention to even the smallest things, which then leads to grudge and even morediscussion. Since we do not live in a peaceful and quiet surrounding, we arestressed, and if we just accept the environment, we will be more at peace.Remember that silence does not mean being idle. We live in a world in whichpeople are used to constantly doing something. Just use the silence to createthe connection with our creator. Silence will help you to clear your mind andfocus on the more important things, like feeling good about us, and the worldwe live in.

Hate, anger and hurt are foundall around us. Stress is enhanced in our bodies if we only think about peopleas bad or good. Also, try to rest as much as possible, because this will helpyou to be more calmed physically and mentally. Justification of our acts doesnot need to be conducted by a long talk. More talking does not mean that thetalk has more effects. Just try to be brief and concise. We strongly advisesilence. It will bring you extreme peace. This is very important, since manypeople are concerned with spiritual growth. The silence will also help with thefear, anxiety and worry. Try to live more in silence and you will see how muchmore relaxed and better you will feel.

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