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People say that one of the biggest problems in their livesis stress. Unfortunately, the way of the world today induces a lot of stress and one of the main factors is chase for money. Most of people either do not haveenough money or have just enough for some normal living and have to work a lotto get it. No wonder people are stressed out completely at the end of the day,without having energy or will to do something in those few hours left beforesleeping. This is why in many countries, the weekend is the time for reducingstress and for relaxing, for laughing and being happy. But can those things beapplied during the working week? How can we include laughter and other fun waysto reduces stress in our everyday lives?


Someone will say jokes. And even though it looks naive,there is not one person who will not laugh at a good joke. So get on the internet,talk to friends and colleagues, everyone knows at least one good joke or somefunny story, something that will keep the smile on your face for the rest ofthe day. And when the night comes, having a drink with colleagues in a barshould not be reserved for talking about what happened at work that day, butfor laughter and fun.


Exercising might not bring such a big smile on the face, butit can definitely vent out some of that stress and negative energy accumulatedduring the day. There is no better way to stop thinking about bad things thathappened during a day than to perform couple of dozens of push-ups, or anyother type of exercise. Also, if exercising is something done regularly andproperly, the results will start to show and that will boost self-confidence and reduce stress.


This might be the most important part. We create connectionswith other people each day. In family, at work, in chat rooms, wherever, we arebeings who need to communicate and connect to other people. This is a goodthing, because with every new face, people become richer for a new experience, and whensomeone becomes rich in this area, there is simply no place for stress there. Partof the socializing can be traveling. Sometimes, it does not have to be goingto some exotic country, just leaving town for a day or two might be more thanenough.

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