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Lymphatic system

Lymphatic system is an enormous network of small, thin vessels, capillaries, and tissue spaces that carry lymph throughout the body. Lymph is a clear fluid that contains lymphocytes, popularly known as white blood corpuscles. Lymph is found between the cells of the human body. Lymphatic system is a complex system that includes several sub organs such as spleen, thymus, bone marrow complex, adenoids, tonsils, and lymph nodes placed in the neck, groin, under arm, and throat. There is more lymphatic fluid then blood in a human body. Lymph circulates through the entire body, although it does not have a pump like the heart pumps the blood.

Role of the lymphatic system

Lymphatic system has the role to collect and cleanse the waste fluid that is around the cells, and after that, it returns the cleansed waste fluid into the blood. The lymphatic system then carries this fluid through the entire body. The lymph nodes have the role to clean the fluid by the means of white blood cells. Furthermore, the lymph nodes remove waste products and useless microorganism, as well as dead cells.

Healthy lymphatic system

There have been many researches that proved that laughing from the belly is very good for the health of the lymphatic system. Here is the question about true laughing that makes the stomach muscles constrict and not about the polite laughter. The belly laughter is healthy because it can do a great benefit for the lymphatic system, since it causes the diaphragm to move rapidly up and down. This frequent moving makes pressure against the central lymphatic vessel, which is in the middle of the body. Therefore, each time when a person laughs from the belly, the diaphragm becomes a pump for the lymphatic circulation.

However, the truth is that we cannot force ourselves to laugh from the belly, but there certainly are some other ways to keep our lymphatic system healthy. Deep diaphragmatic breathing is also very beneficial for the lymphatic system. Furthermore, yoga and meditation are two techniques that are also usually applied in order to maintain the lymphatic system healthy. Moreover, it is also recommended to move as much as possible. In such way, the muscles make pressure on the lymphatic vessels and the circulation of lymph is much improved. The fluid in the lymphatic vessels is channeled in the desired direction by the means of one-way valves. These valves are in each lymphatic vessel.

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