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The Burning Hands Sensation

The condition of one having a burning sensation in his hands is not to be taken lightly. Namely, in addition to one's inability to lead a fully functional life, let alone sleep carelessly, this condition may even be an indicator of something far more serious. Thus, for these and many other reasons, it is of great importance that a person suffering from the burning hands sensation pays his or her doctor a visit in order for the proper diagnosis to be given. Then, any underlying illnesses may be treated successfully, resulting in cessation of the unnatural sensation.

Reasons Behind the Burning Hands Sensation

In most cases, whenever a patient complains about burning sensations along his or her hands, fingers and arms in general, either and X-ray or an MRI scan are done, in order to find out what is causing the burning.

The first reason behind the strange sensation is arthritis or other conditions very similar to it. Being all inflammatory diseases which attack the joints, all of these may have as their symptom the above mentioned burning sensation. Additionally, if, besides burning sensations, the patient feels pain in his or her wrist and cannot move his or her hand adequately, carpal tunnel syndrome may be behind it. Namely, this condition manifests itself through a dysfunctional nerve which, due to the damage it sustained, is unable to distribute sufficient blood to the hand and the fingers, thus causing the burning sensation. Next, on the list of possible causes, is multiple sclerosis. This disease, manifesting through dysfunctional nervous system able to cause inflammations in the limbs, may be behind the burning sensation as well.

Furthermore, one's spinal canal may get narrowed, pressing onto the spinal cord and thus causing this condition. Since spinal problems and dysfunctions are some of the main reasons behind the burning hand sensation, this condition must be taken into consideration. Also, there is a small chance that vitamin deficiency of sorts may be behind this condition as well. Usually ruled out, vitamin deficiency is therefore overlooked, being a possible cause nevertheless. Finally, anxiety, different hand and spine injuries, heart problems, and many other things may be put on the list of possible causes, thus only stressing the importance of timely diagnosis more.

Possible Treatment

The doctor may find the underlying illness causing the burning hands sensation. It will be treated first in order to do away with the strange sensation as well. However, sometimes injections need to be administered in order to ease the pressure on the spinal cord, or remove some other causes. Medications present the lightest way of dealing with this condition, while, on the other hand, the most complicated steps involve surgery.

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