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What can be done about additional fat tissue in the body and what are the steps that need to be taken in order to eliminate those extra pounds that somehow do not want to leave? For example, how to lose chest fat? Even though many of those that participate in some physical activities achieve the wanted muscles and weight, there are some body regions that simply cannot get in shape.

Dieting for fat loss

When there are areas in the body from where fat simply cannot leave, some people will decide to use strict and rigorous diets. This type of diet is all about reducing the intake of carbohydrates to the minimum level, which is about 30 gr, sometimes even less. What is the point of this diet? With such a small amount of carbs gotten from food, the organism turns to some other options and that is a ketosis process, which turns fat into glucose that is needed by the brain (brain does not use any other nutrient).

There are several keto diets that should be taken into consideration. A standard diet uses small amount of carbs until all the fat is gone. Another form is similar, with a slight difference – carbs are taken just before the workout sessions, so that the muscles can have additional energy (there is no fear that ketosis process will stop because all calories from those carbs will be burned by exercising). Another keto diet is used during the work days, while carbs are allowed during weekends. Those are some basic diets, although it is obvious that mostly diets that emphasize low carb level might help in this situation.


Exercises that utilize muscles in the chest area are those needed for losing that chest fat, which means that, while at home, pushups can be done in all forms possible, although the pushups done with wide distance between the hands might prove to be a bit more effective for chest. While in a gym, all forms of bench press are ideal for building up the muscles in that area and reducing the fat at the same time.

Eating habits and exercising are great for reducing chest fat, but there are some cases when nothing can be done. Well, almost nothing. Surgery is a final solution, which will surely eliminate the fat, but this really should be the final alternative. Surgery should be avoided, but, if no other effort showed any result, it should be applied for the elimination of the chest fat once and for all.

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