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Not only obese people have problems with extra weight and fat tissue accumulating. People who also have fear that the fat tissue might start accumulating are those who do not have excessive pounds and those who managed to eliminate those pounds. This means that all of them, including those who suffer from obesity, must have certain discipline in their lives and obey some simple rules.

The rules

Rules are basic and simple. Rule number one would be – do not eat more than necessary. It is as simple as that. It might be a bit difficult to say no to all that tasty yet so unhealthy food, but that has to be done. And from time to time, everyone is allowed to eat something that is not so good for the organism, as long as it does not become a habit (unfortunately, that happens often).

This means that most of the meals must be healthy and balanced. What does healthy mean? Meals must contain enough of nutrients that our body can use for accumulating a lot of energy, which will be used throughout the body. Balanced means that the ratio of the nutrients must be set at a proper value, meaning that carbohydrates should be taken mostly, followed by proteins, while fats are on the lost spot. If necessary, a slight reduction of carbs should start a fat burning process. Extreme dieting is not recommended, but if the health status of a person is endangered, this is something that has to be applied. Fast diets last for about two weeks, not more (because of certain health issues that might emerge) and a lot of weight can be lost this way.

Another rule would be to increase the physical activity as much as possible. This is something that many people simply do not have time for, but it is excellent for all aspects of the organism, not just the weight reduction. Cardio workout should be applied because it is much more effective when it comes to fat burning process. Cardio workout includes running (outside, spot jogging, use of treadmill or elliptical trainer), swimming, aerobic exercises, even a brisk walk might contribute to this situation, if nothing else.

The plan

So how to keep the unwanted weight off? People should arm themselves with patience. Some diets do allow extreme initial weight loss, but that is just a start. This is a process that should be maintained as long as it is necessary, so a good plan should be made, the one that includes both dieting and exercising.

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