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Losing fat is important, not because of the estheticmoment (although it is important too), but because of the danger that health is putinto with the presence of the extra pounds, especially if that lasts for sometime. So, how to get slim?


There is no better way to reduce the weight and become slim than combining dieting and exercising. This means that a plan has to bemade, the one that will make the necessary difference between the energy input and output. The total value of caloriestaken with food has to be less than the total value of calories spent for the organism's functioning, including increased physical activity. So, what diet tochoose and what physical activity to perform?

Knowing what and why

It has been said and it is true that cardio workout isexcellent for reducing the extra weight, but this does not mean that this is thebest possible workout for fat burning. Actually, a combination of two oppositeworkout types will create the best effect and those would be cardio and resistancetraining. Cardio will provide extra fat burning due to the aerobic nature of themuscle contraction. But that does not mean that resistance training should beleft out. On the contrary, muscle mass building also requires a lot of energy andthat will definitely burn some fat. Combining these two workouts will create areally nicely shaped but also strong body.

Workout can be performed at home and in the gym. Homeprovides a bit more comfort, while gym may have several workout stations thatdemand some space, although for cardio workout nothing but some small spaceis necessary. As for helping devices, treadmill and elliptical trainer area good choice, so one of those two might be really helpful.


If there is a physical activity present, then there is noplace for some strict low calorie value diet. This is because exercisingrequires some energy and fast diet (which usually emphasize low calories value)is no good here. What is actually needed is a healthy and balanced menu, the onethat will include 5 meals in a day, with all the nutrients available in a properratio. Constant exercising might demand a lot from the practitioner when it comesto the energy input and that is why enough calories must be taken throughfood. Becoming slim is not so difficult, but the mentioned rules should be applied.

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