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Weight loss is a process of elimination of excessive weight in the body. This weight loss is not based only on fat tissue, but there are also muscles and water, etc. Also, many people quit while dieting, because there are certain rules that should be followed, and some people are simply not prepare for it. This means that breakthrough beyond weight loss has to be made. Bluntly put, reaching the status of the healthy organism does not mean that the job is over. Maintaining that weight within the normal range is as equally difficult, if not even more.


Physical activity is something that should be applied all the time, not only when the organism needs it. It should include both cardio workout and some muscle building forms. When it comes to cardio, jogging and aerobics are the first things that come to one's mind. There are great forms for burning the excessive fat tissue. There are also muscle building forms that might spend considerable amount of energy, but they do shape the body nicely and therefore, they should be used.

There is also a combination of several things, such as resistance training, plyometrics, interval and cross training. Elements of all these workout programs should be used, especially if a person wants a nice figure too, not a healthy body only.


It is true that we cannot get rid of some old habits easily, especially those related to eating schedule. People like to eat favorite cake while watching some favorite TV show, or something similar. But it is that food rich in bad sugars that is slowly leading a person towards obesity and towards medical problems. This is why people have to realize that living healthy also might be interpreted as eating healthy. First of all, a lot has to be changed when it comes to eating schedule. There simply must be at least 5 meals in a day and not one should be skipped. A lot of fruits and vegetables should be the main part of meals, while snacks should be nothing but fruits. And of course, no junk food and overeating are allowed. This is where a problem emerges because many people simply cannot get used to this discipline in life, to this reduction of certain food types, to new rules.

Weight loss can be mastered, and it is a must for some people, especially those whose life is threatened by extreme obesity.

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