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Why do some people have problems with becoming fit? Diets,supplements, exercises, even surgery – these are all methods that obese peopleuse to get rid of excessive pounds. The most important thing for weight reductionprocess is to know that natural weight loss is the only path to the permanentfitness. How to do that? What is the path towards health?

Planning and dieting

Combination of dieting and exercising has to be appropriatefor the physical condition of the obese person. If that does not happen, aperson might have a lot of problems adjusting to the weight reduction regime.If that is the case, more than often, a person quits the entire thing. Since thereis also disappointment involved, there will be a long time before some new regimeis tried, if ever. Dieting must not be strict, because that will create hungerand appetite might increase, which might further create difficulties in maintaining theentire process. There should be many meals in a day, all based on healthy food,rich with vitamins and minerals. It also needs to have enough energy forperforming all activities and among those should also be a training session.


Increased physical activity might be the most importantthing to do when it comes to natural methods of reducing weight. Also,intensive training sessions require certain amount of energy so there must notbe strict rules and restrictions. This also means that losing weight is aprocess which should happen slowly and over some time, not abruptly with drasticchanges in weight. As for physical activity, cardio workout should be a bigpart of a training session. This is because cardio is excellent for obesity. Notmuch strength is needed for performing cardio exercises (jogging, for example)and therefore, exercising can be done over a long time (jogging for 45 minutes, for example). Fat burning process, by some statistics, starts after 30 minutesof workout, and since cardio workout is relatively easy, training session canlast a lot longer than that. Still, some new studies show that instead ofone long and intensive training session, several shorter sessions in a day canproduce the same effect, if not even better. Basal metabolism might be moreactive with this frequent activity, which is better for elimination of extrapounds. Fitness process requires time and determination, but the results aremore than satisfying, because a person gets a healthy, strong and fit body.

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