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How to get thicker hair naturally

It is not only the men who have this problem but women as well. Almost every person gets frustrated when the first signs appear. For some people hair is the most important feature of their personality. A person should know that it is never only one thing that causes hair loss. However, the most common cause of this problem is heredity. Another thing that contributes to hair thinness is exposing it to various chemicals and pollution. Unhealthy lifestyle and diet play a part as well. There are plenty of types of treatments but the results are not the same with everybody.

Natural ways to get thicker hair

MassageOne of the best ways to get ticker hair is if a person regularly massages the head and scalp with coconut oil. The oil should be warmed up a little bit before being applied to the scalp. Apart from coconut oil a person can use olive oil, jojoba oil and virgin oil. After a person has applied the oil, he or she should put a warm towel on the head. This should be done at least once every seven days.

Healthy dietEvery part of the body needs vitamins and minerals to function properly and it is no different with hair. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and eggs are only some of the things a person should intake on a regular basis. Multivitamin tablets help as well. Water is also quite important for hair growth.

Hair washingIt is important to wash the hair but overdoing it can dry out the hair. It is quite enough to wash the hair every other day. Hot water should be avoided because it can damage the hair. If a person has oily hair and needs to wash it every day, he or she should not use shampoos and conditioners in every wash. Combing the hair while its wet is not recommendable.

Shampoo and conditionerMost shampoos that are being advertised on the TV do not have the positive effect in most cases. It is more likely that they will only damage the hair. Sodium laureth sulfate can be found in lots of shampoos. Even though it will remove the dirt and oil it will also weaken the scalp.

Avoid straightening and curlingThese things will only damage the hair and influence its thickness. This is why a person should stop doing this.

Other tips for thicker hair Henna is one of the best things a person can use in order to get thicker and better looking hair. A person can also apply raw egg yolk once a month. A wide teeth comb made of wood or bone is a better option if a person does not want to make the hair thinner while combing.

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