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All black women experience hair breakage quite often. Not a lot of people know that the hair of black people is exactly the same as the hair of other people. However, the components that the hair consists of are arranged in a slightly different order. That is the main reason why the hair of black women is so delicate. A woman can make the situation even worse if she handles the hair improperly. A woman who colors her hair too much or combs, brushes or washes it excessively will highly likely suffer from hair breakage. The breakage is the result of hair splits which weaken the hair a lot. Apart from these, there are a lot of factors that contribute to hair breakage.

How to treat hair breakage on black hair?

Black women need to know that they need not worry much if they suffer from hair breakage since there are ways they can better the health of their hair and prevent any future breakage.

Trimming the hair is an excellent advice for every person who experiences hair breakage. Split ends weaken the hair a lot. Apart from that, they damage the entire hair shaft. Damaged ends cannot be treated but a person can trim the split ends and her hair will look a lot better and healthier. Experts advise people to trim the hair every seven weeks.

Women with black hair need to make sure that they are using a good shampoo. The shampoo needs to have a moisturizing effect. Cheap shampoos should be avoided because of all the chemicals they contain. These chemicals are known to make the hair dry and fragile, among other things. Women need to know that the shampoo should be used only once a week.

Whenever women rinse the hair it is important that they apply a moisturizer. This way, the chances of hair frizzing are hugely decreased.

Performing a hot oil treatment is another good advice because this way a person will substitute the natural oils. Oils will also enhance the root of the hair which will make sure that it does not fall off. The best oils for this purpose are olive oil and jojoba oil. After applying the oil, a person should put a warm towel on the head. After some time, he or she should wash it off with water. This should be done once per month.

How to prevent hair breakage in black women?

Black women should comb and brush the hair carefully in order not to damage it. This should be done while the hair is still wet. Black women should not use hair dryers in order not to strip the moisture of the scalp. Stress should be avoided and certain changes in the diet should be made by the women who are already suffering from hair breakage.

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