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Unfortunately, many women have the problem with their hair. The hair loss is usually very distressful and nerve-racking problem for many women who pay attention to the health of the body and especially their hair.

There are many homeopathic remedies that can be very effective in preventing hair loss in women and that can strengthen the hair at the same time. It is important to consult a good homeopath in order to choose the best remedy depending on the severity of hair loss. Many qualified homeopaths most often recommend fluoric acid, lycopodium, kali carbonicum, kali sulphuricum, natrum, and phosphorus, as well as selenium and tissue salts.

Herbs for hair loss in women

There are many internal and external herbs that can be used in treating the problem of hair loss in women. The internal herbs such as Dong quai, Chaste tree berry and Wild yam are herbs that are the most powerful in stabilizing female hormones, although the level of testosterone in a female body is much lower than in the body of a male.

Of the most popular external herbs Henna and Coconut oil are herbs that may efficiently help the hair growth and prevent hail loss and pattern baldness. Henna can be used when dying hair, and a mixture of henna powder and a liquid is directly applied to the scalp and hair. On the other side, coconut oil rubbed occasionally into the hair is very potent for the hair health.

Natural hair growth

To have a healthy hair, it is important to take sufficient healthy nutrients. If not and if there are no sufficient nutrients in the body, more vital processes in the body will use the present nutrients for their functioning, while hair growth remains without them. Consequently, a good nutrition is one of the most important factors for the hair growing. Juices, vegetables and fruits are foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and hence recommended for consuming.


In recent years, aromatherapy as a treatment for hair loss is widely used and recommended. In this kind of treatment, the oils from bay, cedar wood, grapefruit, jojoba, lavender and lemon, as well as from rosemary, thyme and Roman chamomile are used because they are very effective for the renewed hair growth.


In order to have healthy hair and to prevent the hair loss, many experts suggest detoxifying the metabolic system of alcohol, nicotine and many drugs, as well as from other toxins, such as chlorine, pesticides, second-hand smoke, traffic exhaust fumes, certain cosmetics and germs in the air.

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