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One of the most well known skin disorders in the world is dandruff. Fortunately there are many easy to follow solutions to the removal of this condition. Dandruff can cause a person to loss their self esteem and become embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Tea Tree Oil for the Treatment of Dandruff

This has got to be the number one product for the successful treatment of dandruff. This ingredient can be located in shampoos as well as in its own bottles which will need to be diluted. The diluted tea tree oil can be put onto the scalp and left overnight. Most people prefer to purchase the shampoos that contain tea tree oil because they already have the correct amount of the oil inside. If you decide to buy the undiluted, concentrated bottles of tea tree oil then remember to use the right amount as if not, it can cause irritated skin or if diluted too much then it just simply won’t work.

Vinegar for the Treatment of Dandruff

In your own home you can usually come across a bottle of the vinegar which has been known to be very successful in the removal of dandruff. This ingredient needs to be put in with water at a concentration of two parts of vinegar to six parts of water. The mixture can then be applied to the scalp of the afflicted person, it will need to be left on overnight. It is advisable to perhaps use a cotton ball to put the mixture on as it can get messy otherwise. In the morning you can wash your hair as usual and repeat this once a week for three weeks.

Medicated Shampoos

More often than not the medicated shampoos designed to treat dandruff can be on the pricy side. The medicated shampoos can assist to deliberately slow the dandruff production down as well as treat any infection that may be on the scalp which will lessen the itching. The itching is one of the causes of creating a worsened dandruff state. If you are going to use one of the above treatments for the removal of your dandruff it is advisable that you stop using certain products for a while like styling gels, hairspray and also coloring because these can aggravate the scalp which can actually be causing the dandruff itself. As with anything, if you only follow a treatment plan for a few days then the likelihood is that it will not work. Make sure you wash and rinse your hair thoroughly and regularly.

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