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The hair loss and baldness are verydistressful for every person. Hair loss and thinning of the hair usuallyrepresent the first symptoms of aging. Furthermore, hair loss can impair the beautyof the person. Therefore, it is usually a nerve-racking problem.

Causes of hair loss?

There are many causes that areresponsible for losing of the hair. Thinning hair occurs when the hairloss is not accompanied by proportionate hair regrowth. One of the causes for losing of hairis inadequate hair care and negligence of hair care. Furthermore, stress, aswell as many health conditions, such as digestive problems or endocrine system disorders,may lead to the occurrence of losing of hair. Hair loss may appear with the onsetof puberty, menopause or pregnancy. Moreover, the women who take contraceptivepills may experience hair loss. Unhealthy diet, harmful hairproducts, wrong hair styling and aging are also some of the causes that areresponsible for the hair loss. However, in the majority of cases,hair loss is a genetic disorder since it tends to run in family.

How to regrow hair fast

When we know the exact cause for theincidence of hair loss, it is easy to eliminate it and thus help the regrowthof hair. Therefore, we must change our dietfirst. Healthy diet rich in nutrients is very important for the growing of hairsince minerals, proteins and vitamins promote fast hair growth. The diet shouldinclude fresh fruits, eggs, soya and milk, as well as nuts and sprouts. The vitaminsthat are very potent for the hair growing are vitamins A, B3, B6, C and E. Furthermore, the person who suffersfrom hair loss should drink as much water as possible, at least 8 glasses ofwater a day.

The hair products, such as shampoos,colors and conditioners should not contain harmful ingredients and should notbe changed frequently. The hair should be washed with lukewarm water and driedvery carefully. Besides this, it is recommended tomassage the head and to use several oils that are very effective for fast hairgrowth, such as emu oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil, as well asavocado oil, castor oil and almond oil. Proper combing is also veryimportant in order to prevent hair loss. The comb should have wide teeth madeof wood or bone. The supplement for faster hairgrowth should not be taken before consulting with a doctor.

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