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What is the best way to create perfect six-pack abs? How to flatten your stomach so that all fat is gone and muscles are rock hard? Basically, these are easy questions to answer, but the only problem is that the theory is one thing, while applying that same theory might be a bit tricky.


Diets and exercising - that is the answer. And the mentioned problem is in the minds of practitioners. The hardest thing is to make a sacrifice, to say goodbye to old lifestyle and to start a life with discipline and rules. Whether there is only dieting or exercising, or both, there is always a problem of not eating a favorite cake, or skipping some favorite TV show, or going out with friends because of the training session. This might not be so difficult for younger people who might adapt easily, but it is hard for those who have been practicing some habits for decades.

Training sessions should be applied at least three times in a week, and if something more is wanted, then exercising should be present 6 days in a week, with one day left for resting. When it comes to abs, people should focus on two things. One is elimination of the excessive fat tissue, while the other is strengthening the muscles. Fat elimination should include cardio workout, which might seem like a bit easier type of workout, but it is actually excellent for overall weight reduction (which will include the abdomen too). Cardio workout might be implemented as a part of the training session, usually warming up, but it can also be a complete session. For example, 45 minutes spent on a treadmill, or even better - on the elliptical trainer, would be perfect. After this, building the core is needed. Core includes abdominal muscles and corresponding area on the back. Exercises required are sit ups, crunches, leg raising. These are the basic training tools, and when the practitioner feels like he or she might go to the next level, there are hanging leg raising, pull up bar raising etc. Also, there are training sessions that include only abdominal exercises, and those sessions might be the most important when it comes to increasing the strength and toning the abdominal muscles.


Eating properly is very important for faster creation of perfect abs. This means that a proper ratio of carbs, proteins and fats is essential for keeping the weight within the normal range. If needed, this ratio can be changed in order to initiate fat burning process. Usually, this is done with decreasing the intake of carbs and fats.

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