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Diarrhea Characteristics

Diarrhea is quite an uncomfortablecondition caused by many different factors. It is manifested throughprolonged occurrences of having a watery bowel movement. Also, peoplewho suffer from diarrhea tend to have bowel movement more often.Since, most times, diarrhea is connected with some abnormalactivities in our digestive system and intestines, it usually goeshand-in-hand with abdominal pain and discomfort in this area. Thiscondition is usually a symptom of some other, underlying problem.Therefore, it is important to know how to recognize the problem inquestion in order to be able to get rid of the diarrhea along withit.

Reasons Behind Prolonged Diarrhea

Diarrhea is caused by bacterial orviral activities inside our stomach. These bacteria and viruses mostoften reach our organism through consumption of spoiled food anddrinks. Nevertheless, certain medications may have diarrhea as theirside-effect, and can, thereby, possibly be behind your problems ofthis type. Taking laxatives may lead to this phenomenon as well.Small children and infants are mostly prone to diarrhea if they eattoo much or suffer from ear or throat infections. Additionally,stress is known to be capable of triggering this prolonged occurrenceof watery stool during bowel movement. Food poisoning belongs to thelist of likely causes too. Eating too much red meat and fibers ordrinking too much coffee and alcohol, as well as going overboard withspicy food, all can and will lead to diarrhea.

This condition can manifest throughabdominal pain, nausea, bloated stomach, and high fever, along withthe stool issues mentioned above.

Possible Treatment for Diarrhea

Upon visiting your doctor in order tofind a solution for this troubling health problem, you will haveseveral things recommended to you. Firstly, you will need to changeyour diet, avoiding all types of food capable of irritating yourstomach. Secondly, you will be advised to drink electrolyte-richdrinks. Alternatively, your doctor may prescribe you some medicationsfor these purposes. All in all, you are to avoid dairy products,spicy food, caffeine and food rich in fibers. On the other hand,eating garlic, apples, yogurts, bananas, ginger and carrots will behighly advisable. Finally, you will have to increase your fluidintake significantly since diarrhea often causes dehydration. Also,you might add mango nut powder into the water you drink. Drinkingbuttermilk can soothe your stomach too and is, therefore, a goodchoice while suffering from diarrhea.

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