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Gastritis refers to an inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It can appear suddenly or it can slowly progress. The symptoms of gastritis involve pain or burning sensation in the upper abdomen, heartburn, sickness, vomiting, weight and appetite loss and bloating. In rare cases gastritis can cause bleeding in the stomach. In such situation the blood can appear in the vomit or stool. Gastritis can be a consequence of a bacterial infection frequent use of painkillers, stress, excessive alcohol consumption, certain food and beverages intake and some other disorders and conditions such as autoimmune disorder, kidney or liver function impairment. There are various treatments for gastritis which depend on the cause and the severity of the condition.


The treatment for gastritis may include medications which affect stomach acid. Such medications are antacids which are recommended for mild cases of gastritis, acid blockers which are used to reduce the stomach acid and proton pump inhibitors which block the acid. Your doctor will decide on the best treatment for you. In a lot of cases a combination of these medications is prescribed. You should also exclude food and drinks which can cause irritation and acid in the stomach.

Diet and Remedies

It is not obligatory to be on a specific diet in order to treat gastritis. However, there are certain food and drinks which can help you to ease the symptoms. You should eat small amounts of food more frequently. It is recommended to eat food with milk, fruits such as apples, cranberries and blueberries, vegetables such as celery, spinach, garlic and squash. Also food rich with calcium and vitamin B, such as beans, whole grains and almonds are good for gastritis. Olive oil, fish, sea vegetables and tofu are also recommended. You should avoid red meat, refine food such as sugar and white bread, greasy food, cakes, doughnuts and processed food. As far as drinks are concerned, avoid coffee, strong tea, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Remedies with coconut water, rice, tomato juice and marigold are also excellent for relieving the symptoms of gastritis.


If you want to reduce the risk of gastritis, you should have healthy eating habits, which include small but frequent meals, a lot of fruits and vegetables, and drinking a lot of water. Eliminate alcohol of any kind, strong coffee and tea from your diet. Since smoking can cause damage to your stomach lining you should stop smoking. Avoid stressful situations as much as possible and exercise regularly.

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