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The Troublesome Fever

There are hard times in the life of every parent. Some of the most difficult cases of this type is watching your child suffering from a fever, not knowing how to help him/her. To make things worse, fevers usually do not demand medical assistance and do not cause extraordinary high temperatures. Thus, parents usually do not want to give their children medications for nothing. Luckily, there are things which you might try and do, saving your child from all the hardships a fever may cause. Read through the following lines in order to find out about the best possible methods for reducing fever at home, by using remedies available to all.

Fever-reducing Remedies

The first method is applicable once a person is suffering from a very high temperature, creating a necessity of reducing it. Then, you might pour cold water into a container of sorts, take a piece of cotton cloth, immerse it into the cold water and apply it, by laying the cloth onto the sufferer's forehead or tummy. Alternatively, you might add several cubes of ice into the container, adding to the overall coldness of the water. Make sure you re-immerse the cloth after several minutes, since it will lose its low temperature. After you have done this successfully, you are guaranteed to have reduced the body temperature of the patient. Also, cold baths may be an option, but these need to be performed carefully, not to cause too much of a shock for the patient.

Secondly, you might try increasing the patient's fluid intake, and cut down on the eating of solid food. Alternatively, you might involve a diet consisting of cold fruits and vegetables too since these may help as well.

Also, you will need rest in order for your body to fight the cause of your fever. Make sure that, while you are resting, you do not wrap yourself in layers of different clothes. Rather, wear thin layers to enable proper respiration, and keep the dwelling well ventilated.

Another great remedy involves making a mixture of egg white, sliced onion pieces and vinegar, applying it to one's feet and putting socks over it, leaving it overnight.

There are more where that came from since you may soak a scarf in water, squeeze the extra water out of it, and tie it around the sufferers neck and head, leaving it to dry. The same can be done with feet and socks.

Drinking hot drinks can make one sweat, which is excellent for reducing fever and high-temperature. Finally, for toddlers with fever, covering their body in olive oil, wrapping it in a cotton cloth and leaving overnight, bathing it off in the morning is another remedy.

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