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The importance of reducing weight is something that many people do not understand. Furthermore, there are those with not many extra pounds, but even that can be dangerous, especially, if bad eating habits are involved. This means that daily calories intake might not be dangerously high, but it can provoke problems, if it comes from junk food.

Methods for weight reduction

Eliminating excessive weight can happen in several ways, but they all come down to one thing, eating less and spending more calories. Exercises and diets are two main things people do to get rid of extra weight. Even though it might sound simple, it is not, which means that simply doing push ups and abs might reduce some weight, but a more probable result is stronger body and bigger muscles. Reducing the intake of food without a plan and without caring about nutrients cannot help much in weight reduction, because it might simply lead to starvation and not before long, people will return to old eating habits. Exercising should include cardio exercises and those that include most of the body muscles. Running is a good exercise since it burns a lot of calories and the entire body is engaged. Similar exercise and also excellent is swimming, which is even more interesting for most people.


A diet should be planned very carefully in order to be effective. Many will say that the best result comes with a slow diet, the one that does not put a lot of strain on the body. But what happens when we need to lose weight fast and how safe is a cleansing diet program? One of the more popular cleansing diet programs is Master cleanse, used by many celebrities including Beyonce. It is based on using maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and purified water. It lasts for no more than two weeks. Morning meal includes nothing but salt water for cleansing. Salt water is great for elimination of toxins. Throughout the day, the mentioned food is used in several combinations with tea in the evening (again with laxative effect).

This might seem like a rigorous diet and it is. The effects are visible and great, but there is a reason why this diet lasts for not more than two weeks. There are some nutrients missing in this diet and that can cause some problems if a diet lasts longer than 10 or 14 days. Still, it remains as one of the most effective short term diets.

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