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Health should be the priority for all of us. Being healthy will easy withstand some medical conditions, while some will be completely avoided. Maintaining a healthy state is not an easy task; it demands certain disciplines in life, but on the other hand, the quality of that same life is drastically raised, which is enough compensation for some rules and restrictive habits.
Maintaining health requires controlled eating, with a healthy and balanced diet, exercising as much as possible and also, which might be the most important thing, being mentally healthy. When it comes to food, many experts recommend eating 5 times a day because of the basal metabolism, which will be kept active with more meals. Of course, this means that major meals should have slightly decreased amounts of food, since there will be two snacks usually consisted of fruits. Furthermore, eating more often but smaller amounts is alleviating the strain from the gastrointestinal tract, which will not have a problem in processing smaller quantities. This also helps with reducing the diameter of the intestines, which flattens the stomach and which is desired by most people. Also, it is important to include all the nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins.
Increased physical activity is important because of several things. The immune system is enhanced, muscles are stronger, fat is reduced, a person has more energy, increased libido etc. The type of workout is not important as long as something is done. Cardio, muscle mass increase, resistance, plyometrics, or some mixture, everything is fine if it is done at least a couple of times in a week.
Additional help
There are also some other options that might be used and that should also be beneficial for health. There is a positive relation between body cleansing and health. Body cleansing can be performed in several ways and it includes couple of things. There is colon cleansing, sauna, detoxification, aromatherapy, diet etc. Products that should be used are some tea brands for both colon cleansing and detoxification. For example, acai berry is known for its huge amount of anti oxidants, which are excellent for fighting toxins, especially free radicals (which might be very harmful for the body). There is also green tea, which also has cleansing properties. Sauna could be used for skin rejuvenation, while aromatherapy has positive mental and physical effects. There are also diets that implement colon cleansing in their schedule thus creating additional weight loss.

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