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What is a colon cleansing diet and how does it work? These are basic questions, and though simple, they demand detailed answers, all in purpose of discovering whether these methods are healthy or not. Colon cleansing is something that has been applied for decades now and it is certain that it is a comfortable method for a person now.
Colon is the final part of the intestines. Intestines are the last part in the digestion tract where the food is processed. Nutrients are absorbed in the stomach and upper part of the intestines, while what is left is accumulated as waste material – feces, which waits in the colon for a process of defecation. Even though people do not feel comfortable when talking about this, it is important to learn as much as possible about it, because a lot of things can go wrong here. So, keeping this area healthy will definitely contribute to the overall health of the body.
This can be done with the help of several methods, but perhaps one of the most used is hydrotherapy. Nothing is required from a practitioner except for lying on the special therapy table while warm water is flushing out the content of the colon. Another common and popular method is using herbal supplements in the form of tea. This method functions in a different way than hydrotherapy because it is not based on physical removal but on chemical reactions. Those reactions happen because of substances contained in tea, antioxidants and other, which can eliminate toxins, free radicals and other problematic substances accumulated in the colon. Even though cleansing is generally a good thing, there are some experts who claim otherwise. They say that colon is supposed to be filled with waste material, that it is its main function. Also, there might be problems with hydrotherapy because it is literally mechanically removing the content of intestines, which might harm the walls of the intestines.
There are many diets that use colon cleansing as additional help in reducing weight and making the organism healthy. One of the most popular is so-called lemon juice diet, based on using lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper mixed in water. Cleansing element in this diet is contained in the cleansing tea, which is supposed to be taken in the evening. This diet is a fast one and it promises losing a lot of weight in the matter of couple of days only. It is not recommended to use this diet for more than two weeks, because it might simply be too much for the body.

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