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There are many diets people can choose from in order toreduce the weight and to get rid of that extra fat that somehow is not easilyeliminated. What can actually be done and what is the best diet, are justsome of the questions that obese people need answers for.


This is a real nightmare for those that are used to diveinto the sea of food. Overeating and eating tasty but rich in calories foodis something that is forbidden in any kind of diet. There are two types of diets; one is all about fast weight lost in a short period, whilethe other is focusing on a healthier loss of weight, with balanced, controlledeating.

Fast diets

These diets must not last for more than two weeks because anything morethan that might lead to some serious health problems. This is because thesediets are trying to burn as much fat as possible in the shortest time possible.The problem with fast diets is in the big difference between the energy intake andenergy loss. This might leave the body without any source of energy and inthose moments body might turn on to its own resources, other than fat, includingproteins. This can also end in complete exhaustion of the organism. Butstill, it is undeniable that these diets can decrease the weight in a matter ofdays.

One of the more popular fast diets is lemon cayenne pepperdiet. Its name says what some of the ingredients are. There is also maple syrupand all this is mixed with water. This juice is all that is allowed in this one-week diet. A lot of pounds can be lost but it is important to mention that thisis also a cleansing diet since cleansing tea is also included in the menu. Itis usually taken in the evening for the better effect. This meal lacks in carbohydrates but it does contain a lot of vitamins, which is essentialfor not putting the body into exhaustion and starvation. This diet has beenpromoted by several celebrities, including Beyonce and that is partially why itbecame so popular around the world. It has to be said that this is a very rigorous diet whicheliminates fat tissue, excessive water and waste material from the intestines. People who decide to give it a chance should not stick to it for more than one week.

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