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Introduction to Tiredness

It is not unusual that one feels tired after a long, hardworking day. Some say that it is good for better sleeping at night. And, of course, everyone has felt tired at one point or another. However, if one continues to feel tired for a long period of time, something has to be done. Tiredness can become a serious problem and may affect one’s daily activities to an enormous extent.

Symptoms of persistent tiredness include: poor concentration, difficulty making decisions, lack of energy, depression, sleep during the day.

Most often, tiredness is caused by stress and worry. Another cause, and sometimes, consequence of persistent tiredness is the inability to sleep.

However, to overcome this adversity, one must stay away from caffeinated drinks, take a nap that lasts for about twenty minutes during the day and do moderate exercise (in order to feel the good kind of tiredness, the one that helps one sleep).

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy has found a way of dealing with fatigue. The benefits of this type of the treatment is that it is completely natural and devoid of side-effects.

Many common herbs, such as horseradish, cocoa, basil, angelica, rosemary, golden root, raspberry, etc. are known to be helpful when it comes to dealing with tiredness. So one may try using them as spice, or find another way of employing them for this purpose.

Gelsemium, usually used for fatigue related to psychological problems. The person seems dull, uninterested, lacking in will, dizzy, etc. The primary cause may be fear and anticipation about trials likely to be faced or the reservations about one’s ability to perform. When left alone, the person might feel an improvement, but this is not a permanent state. Vitamin C and B-complex vitamins should be taken as a supplement, because they have been proven to help with this condition. Ginseng is known to be a great energizer, therefore it might help. Arsenicum is used when one feels restless, exhausted, fearful of disease or death. The person might also feel burning pains and have a significant weight loss. Carbo vegetabilis is helpful when one has an utter lack of strength, feels very exhausted, feels cold to the touch (this happens because the circulation significantly slows down), etc. The person’s complexion might turn blue and begin to drink excessively. Kali phosphoricum, used when the underlying cause of tiredness is stress. The person sweats immensely when excited, gets tired fast, and is prone to inappropriate outbursts. Picric acid, for those who experience an aversion to talking and socializing. One might feel the difficulty to even think. If the condition worsens, signs of depression may appear. Phosphoricum acidum, if a person feels overwhelmed often and remains quiet for a long period of time.

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