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Remedies,homeopathic in nature, are actually those which are made of tiny quantities ofnatural substances that hold in them healing properties. Why tiny quantities ifthey have such a great healing potential? The reason lies in the fact that, despite their healthbenefits, if used in greater quantities, these substances can cause numerousserious side effects and seriously damage one’s health. This type ofremedies is to treat many different diseases and conditions, one of which isalso jet lag. The most widely used homeopathic cure for this particularcondition is known as No Jet Lag. Whatfurther ads up to its popularity and widespread use is its availability – itcan be found in almost any drug store, grocery, and airport store.

NoJet Lag


Asfar as its contents, No Jet Lag is comprised of arnica Montana (also known as the Leopard’s bane),Chamomilla (Wild chamomile), then bellis perennis (Daisy), Ipecacuanha andLycopodium (i.e. Clubmoss). People, whose field of expertise is homeopathy,point out that this remedy is going to be efficient only if the generalsymptoms following this particular condition match the profiles of aforementioned constituent substances. In other cases, there are also numerous other remedies that can be also found in a drug store, such as Cocculus indicus.

Constituent Properties/Profiles Arnica (in cases of excessive tiredness, sleeplessness and restlessness)Chamomilla (mental/emotion related stress, insomnia, disorientation, impatience, intolerance etc.)Bellis perennis (waking up in the middle of the night, sleep disruptions)Lycopodium (difficulties with surroundings adaptation, problems with digestion, anxiety, bloating and gases, anticipatory fears etc.)Ipecacuanha (sickness and nausea extremely intense and frequently occurring)

Themost indicative symptoms of jet leg are fatigue and appetite loss, and theymost often appear upon changing time zones during travel, but symptomssuch as fatigue, blurred thinking, excessive tiredness, inability to ward off sleep, and feeling week inarms and legs are also possible. Remedies that are most appropriate in such cases are Arnica and Gelsemium.

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